Managing a profitable business is vital not only to our success, but to the success of our stakeholders as well. Our suppliers, employees, and customers all grow with our success, helping to drive a sustainable and resilient enterprise. Profitability allows us to continually innovate our products and manufacturing methods, decrease our environmental impacts, and invest in our communities through social and educational programs.

Profit Share

Every year, the leadership team at Hunter Industries sets a profit-sharing goal for employees. Over the last 7 years, employees have seen an average payout of 14% of their earnings.

A Culture of Innovation

Built on Innovation Website

We welcome ideas for new products, better manufacturing processes, and sustainability initiatives that can create value for our company. Through the site, employees can submit new ideas, collaborate with other employees, and see who is making a difference in meeting our innovation goals. Just being part of the conversation can help spark a new idea. In just a few months, the Built on Innovation website has gained:

  • More than 300 employee participants
  • More than 600 new ideas

Looking Ahead, We Will:

  • Continue to engage stakeholders to better understand their growing needs while growing our own revenue streams
  • Continue investing in innovative ideas, products, and services