As we continuously strive to build a sustainable and resilient organization, ensuring profitability is critical to our success. We recognize that our suppliers, employees, and customers all make vital and distinct contributions to help us achieve this important goal.

Profit Share
Average distribution of 14% of eligible earnings over the last 7 years
Each year, the leadership team at Hunter Industries sets a targeted percentage goal for profit sharing. Employees are regularly updated on organizational progress toward the goal. Over the last seven years, employees have seen an average distribution of 14% of eligible earnings. Profit sharing is celebrated at most locations at the end of the calendar year.
Profit Share
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Profitability allows us to find new ways to continuously reinvest in product and process innovations and minimize our environmental impacts.

Innovation is one of our core values. In 2019, our collaborative “Built on Innovation” portal saw a record number of idea submissions:

ideas submitted by employees
ideas submitted by customers
ideas approved for development
new products launched
patents issued
CEO innovation Awards given out
Pete Woytowitz / 2019 Edwin J. Hunter Innovator of the Year Award
Celebrating Innovation

2019 Edwin J. Hunter Innovator of the Year Award

Pete Woytowitz, Vice President of RCGL Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, is the recipient of the 2019 Edwin J. Hunter Innovator of the Year Award. This award is presented annually by Greg Hunter to the employee who best exemplifies Hunter’s core value of Innovation. Pete was honored in recognition of his 28 years of contributions in helping Hunter deliver new irrigation and lighting solutions to our customers. Pete’s innovative thinking has earned him 59 patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It’s typical for Pete to come back from breaks with a product prototype that he designed in his garage!

What we’ve discovered over the course of our movement is that we cannot achieve our goals alone.

Recognizing Green Industry Sustainability Leaders with the Ann Hunter-Welborn Circle of Excellence Award

When Hunter Industries was established in 1981, Ann Hunter-Welborn began the complex process of educating our company about the right way to develop a long-term sustainability movement for our organization. We’re proud to say that her ideas and efforts are leading us in the right direction. What we’ve discovered over the course of our movement is that we cannot achieve our goals alone. That’s why we created the Ann Hunter-Welborn Circle of Excellence Award. The award aims to identify, congratulate, and publicly recognize customers who exemplify sustainable and/or socially responsible practices within our industry, and inspire others to join the movement. Click here to learn more about our 2019 award recipients.

Looking Ahead

We’re proud of our progress toward reaching our CSR goals, but we know that we have more work to do.

Looking ahead, we look forward to developing new ways to better understand where we are and where we want to be. We plan to re-evaluate our GHG emissions targets and implement Design for Sustainability product standards, so all aspects of sustainability are evaluated across all stages of the product life cycle. Finally, we will review and audit our supply chain to make sure their practices align with our values, and communicate our CSR impacts quarterly instead of annually.