Since a strong economic performance is vital for Hunter Industries to achieve our overall company goals, we continually strive to push robust financial growth across all our business units. This lets us fund innovations within our own company. It also allows us to invest in our industry as well as our customers to help them meet their own economic goals. Thus, the division of profits between our employees, customers, industry, and company remains a key component in our journey toward sustainability.

Profit Share

Each year, Hunter offers profit-share opportunities to employees based on predicted economic growth in relation to operating costs. At the beginning the of the year, the leadership team sets a profit-share goal percentage. Employees are updated on progress toward the goal on a regular basis. In 2017, 14.25% of total employee salaries were awarded to employees during our year-end profit-share celebration.

Continuous Innovation

As one of our core values, innovation is the heart of our company, and drives us to be the best in the industry. Profitability allows us to invest in innovation to help design new products, develop more efficient production methods, and formulate new ways to bring products to market.

Customer Programs

The profitability of Hunter Industries is closely linked to the overall profitability of our industry. That’s why we invest in our customers to help them become more profitable as well. Our continued growth allows us to offer competitive pricing. It also lets us invest in points-based programs such as the Hunter Preferred Program and Hunter Alliance, which reward our customers for purchasing Hunter products. In addition, our comprehensive S.T.A.R. Distributor Training Program — an industry first — educates our distributors on a range of topics to help them better serve their customers and grow their profits.