Hunter Helping Others (H2O) volunteers build bicycles for the local Boys & Girls Club in October 2015.


The Hunter Helping Others (H2O) committee is a direct representation of our core company value of social responsibility and allows us to stay involved and positively affect the communities in which we live, work, and play.

Beyond impacting our surrounding communities, working together to give back nurtures the growth of an internal community and family that extends beyond our employees’ professional careers.

“I have met and built so many relationships with people from different departments who I probably never would have met otherwise,” said Monique Gagner, Business Analyst and Leader of H2O. “I very much appreciate that Hunter fosters an environment that cultivates relationships internally, which in turn supports and improves our external communities.”

As the leader of Hunter Helping Others, Monique Gagner is instrumental in planning projects that positively impact our surrounding communities.

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