Hunter Social Responsibility Report


2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Five Years of Progress: A Reflection on Sustainability

As stewards of our environment and the communities in which we live, work, and play, Hunter Industries is committed to making decisions today that positively affect tomorrow. Over the last five years, we have steadily increased our annual production quantities, increased our positive impacts on our employees and communities, and decreased our negative impacts on the environment. As we reflect on our performance, we continue to engage our stakeholders to develop targeted economic, environmental, and community goals to complement our future growth plans. This year’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report represents a sincere analysis of our five-year CSR reporting efforts and includes a look ahead to our future goals.








Impacts at a Glance


2020 Goal

Water Use

Goal achieved: We met our 2020 water-use reduction goal in 2015. In 2016, our water use continued to decrease, as we used 1.3 million fewer gallons than our goal amount.


2015 Goal

Paper Use

Goal achieved: Although a year late, we have met our 2015 goal of a 50% paper reduction from our 2011 level.


2017 Goal

Waste Diversion

Goal within reach: We are fewer than 5 percentage points away from accomplishing a 90% waste-diversion rate by 2017.


2020 Goal

Solar Power

Goal within reach: We only need to produce 166,000 kWh more to reach our 2020 goal of 875,000 kWh.


2017 Goal

Recycled Content

Achieving this goal is proving to be a challenge: The amount of recycled plastic content in our products is increasing but we need to put in much more work to achieve our goal of 7% by 2017.


2020 Goal

CO2  Emissions

Achieving this goal is proving to be a challenge: Our CO2/dollar build ratio is decreasing, but we need to put in more work to achieve our goal of 0.21 pounds of CO2/dollar build by 2020.

Gregory R. Hunter, President of Hunter Industries.

A Word from Greg Hunter

We at Hunter are happy to celebrate and share our fifth annual Corporate Social Responsibility report. We have worked hard to meet our target goals for more sustainable business practices, including the areas of energy production, water usage, carbon emissions, and waste diversion. Although we’re pleased to have met or exceeded some of our projections and are in reach of achieving others, a few areas continue to be a challenge as our company expands. As we mark our accomplishments, we remain committed to do better.

Resource efficiency programs have greatly reduced our water- and energy-use footprints. In fact, efficiencies in manufacturing and landscape practices have helped lower our water consumption by nearly 19% over the past five years. In the same time span, we have boosted our solar power production by 463%. Hunter has also tackled waste reduction head-on as we embrace a mitigation and minimization approach. Our current waste-diversion-from-landfill rate of 85.1% brings us ever closer to becoming a zero-net-waste company. This strategy has also helped us increase the content of recycled plastic material in our products to 2.4%. Successes aside, we know that if we want to meet our targets, we must develop a more robust carbon emissions reduction plan as we continue to grow.

Armed with the knowledge that our employees and communities are vital to our success, Hunter has taken additional steps to ensure the health and prosperity of both groups. Our Hunter Helping Others (H2O) employee volunteer program continues to support a wide range of local community improvement projects, while our Human Resources team has helped facilitate more than 500 diversified training and testing courses, ranging from personal growth strategies to safety protocols.

Over the past year, we have broadened our reach in the irrigation sphere with the acquisitions of Senninger and Hydrawise. We launched Holm, a new commercial lighting brand. We have further developed Hunter Custom Manufacturing. And finally, we have expanded our core brands of residential, commercial, and golf irrigation products alongside our FX Luminaire lighting products. As we look toward the future, we know that we must continue engaging our stakeholders to establish

economic, environmental, and community targets that ensure Hunter’s resiliency. That way, we will not only remain at the forefront of sustainable practices in our industry—we’ll surpass even our own expectations.

Signature of Gregory R. Hunter
Gregory R. Hunter
President of Hunter Industries