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Let’s collaborate to build the future of innovation at Hunter Industries. If you have an innovative product, package, process, or sustainability idea that we can help bring to life, we want to hear from you. It’s easy to submit an idea. If accepted, your idea could become the next industry-leading solution on store shelves around the world. So switch on your lightbulbs and get started!

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Innovation has always fueled the growth of Hunter Industries, and we welcome your participation in our open innovation process. We look forward to hearing your great ideas in any of our focus areas for any of our business units. Let’s work together to make your idea a reality.

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Gregory R. Hunter, CEO of Hunter Industries

Areas of FOCUS

  • Products

    Do you have an idea for a new product or an enhancement to one of our existing products? Send us your great idea to help us expand and improve our product offering.

  • Processes

    Is your idea about manufacturing or process improvements? We welcome ideas that can help us increase our efficiency or enhance our product quality.

  • Services

    Do you have an idea for how we can better support our customers by adding value in the field? Send us your thoughts to help us improve our customer services.

  • Sustainability

    Have you thought of a way to help us reduce waste or minimize our impact on natural resources? Send us your idea to help us meet our goals to reduce our environmental footprint.


EZ Decoder System Hunter Industries

Simple, low-cost two-wire decoder technology for Hunter controllers

M-PL Modern Path Light FX Luminaire

Compatible with Luxor Technology to complement a range of contemporary installations

My Design FX Luminaire

Online lighting design tool to help simplify the design process

EZ Decoder System Hunter Industries

Simple, low-cost two-wire decoder technology for Hunter controllers

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