We understand that our business activities affect the environment. We are committed to identifying the full range of these impacts, measuring their effects, and developing and executing plans to decrease our environmental footprint. As we continue to better manage our resource use, our position in the value chain will allow us to assist stakeholders with resource management as well.

San Marcos

Strategic Energy Management Program

Provided by San Diego Gas and Electric and managed by Cascade Energy, this program has built a consortium of seven San Diego-area companies working together to conserve energy and bring greater efficiencies to their collective manufacturing processes.


Green-cell recycling

We have implemented a production process to reuse 100% of our acetal waste to make other products. Currently, we manufacture three components in this manner, which saves $75,150 and reduced our carbon footprint by nearly 150 tons annually.


Water bottle reduction

We installed a new water bottle replacement system that encourages the use of refillable bottles instead of single-use plastics. We estimate this solution will save more than 17,000 single-use bottles per year.

City of Industry

Plastics recycling

Instead of sending plastic injection molding waste to landfills, we have implemented a collection and sorting process to manage the reuse and recycling of these materials.

Looking Ahead

Over the past seven years, we have celebrated successes and worked to overcome challenges related to our environmental goals. As we continue to introduce context- and science-based objectives, we will push ourselves to generate fewer negative impacts and promote more positive ones.

Water, waste, and energy conservation are our main environmental concerns. We will set ambitious goals related to these areas as our CSR efforts continue to grow.