Hunter Social Responsibility Report

The Hunter Industries 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report examines data from our San Marcos and Tijuana locations, which conduct business for our Global Operations, Landscape Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting, and Hunter Custom Manufacturing divisions, to determine our impacts on the People we influence, the Planet we affect, and the Profits we generate. As we expand and formalize our CSR framework throughout 2018 and beyond, we look forward to including recently acquired Senninger Irrigation and Dispensing Dynamics in our reporting efforts.

A Word from Greg Hunter

As we enter our sixth year of reporting, we are recommitting to growing our leadership in sustainable manufacturing practices. Over the past two years, Hunter Industries acquired two companies: Senninger Irrigation — located in Clermont, Florida — and Dispensing Dynamics, based in City of Industry, California. These acquisitions have broadened Hunter’s footprint in two new geographies, adding to our corporate headquarters in San Marcos, California, and manufacturing center in Tijuana, Mexico.

Senninger is a leading designer and manufacturer of quality irrigation solutions for agricultural, horticultural, and industrial applications. Senninger's products concentrate on the global challenge of growing more crops with less water by providing precision low-pressure irrigation solutions. Dispensing Dynamics was established with the singular purpose to enhance our customers’ businesses by providing the world’s best dispensing solutions. Dispensing Dynamics focuses on away-from-home washroom dispensing products that combine sustainability with a world-class customer experience.

These additions to the Hunter family of companies precipitated a restructuring to a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) model focusing on Hunter’s existing core businesses of Residential, Commercial, and Golf Irrigation; Landscape and Architectural Lighting; and Custom Manufacturing. Support to these SBUs, as well as to Senninger and Dispensing Dynamics, is provided by groups focused on global operations, supply chain management, human resources, finance, and information systems.

The added complexity of our business has also necessitated a change to our CSR structure. We are currently evaluating options to best lead sustainability efforts in all locations. Beginning with stakeholder engagement, we are seeking to gain insights from current and new stakeholders, with the goal of updating our materiality metrics with fresh or reconfirmed goals. We will also be auditing Senninger and Dispensing Dynamics to better understand their social and environmental impacts. The goal of these efforts is

to enter 2019 with a redefined sustainability reporting structure, identification of science-based goals we can accurately track, and to provide a 2018 report that provides information based upon production locations and business units. Lastly, Hunter Industries continues to be a family-owned business. The shareholders are committed to sustainable manufacturing and believe that it is an integral part of our core values: customer satisfaction, innovation, family, and social responsibility.

Our hope is that by leading through open reporting and continual process improvements, we will inspire similar efforts by our customers, vendors, and competitors in the diverse industries we serve.

Signature of Gregory R. Hunter
Gregory R. Hunter
CEO of Hunter Industries

Company Profile

Global Operations

Founded in 1981, Hunter Industries is a family-owned manufacturer of best-in-class solutions for the landscape irrigation, outdoor lighting, dispensing technology, and custom manufacturing sectors. Headed by CEO Greg Hunter, our Global Operations team provides leadership for our entire company. The core mission of Hunter Industries will always remain the same: to deliver valued products and services backed by unwavering customer support, grow the company conscientiously, and remain true to the culture that makes our employees proud to work at Hunter.

Landscape Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting

Hunter Industries offers thousands of products in over 180 countries, including a complete spectrum of water- and energy-efficient solutions for residential, commercial, and golf course irrigation systems, as well as industry-leading outdoor lighting solutions through our FX Luminaire and Holm brands.

Hunter Custom Manufacturing

Hunter Custom Manufacturing delivers innovative manufacturing, molding, and production services of the highest quality to build long-term relationships with valued partners from diverse industries. Our global footprint enables us to produce raw materials with more than 100 injection molding machines and deliver finished goods to 125 countries.

Senninger Irrigation

Senninger Irrigation is a leading designer and manufacturer of premier irrigation solutions for agricultural, horticultural, and industrial applications. With over 50 years of experience in more than 50 countries worldwide, Senninger is one of the most trusted names in the agricultural irrigation industry.

Dispensing Dynamics

As leading innovators of the away-from-home dispensing category, Dispensing Dynamics is proud to continue its longstanding tradition of developing washroom dispensing systems that offer unsurpassed reliability, design, performance, hygiene, sustainability, and value.

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