Putting people first isn’t just something we say
Putting People First
Our focus on Social Responsibility continues beyond our employees and branches out into the community.

Putting People First

Our core value of Family drives our employee health and safety programs, shapes our learning and development initiatives, and guides our efforts to support a diverse and inclusive workforce. But we aren’t just focused on employees — we also support the communities where we operate. We give back directly as an organization, and we empower employees to give back in meaningful ways.

Community Development

In November 2022, we launched a robust employee giving and volunteering platform called Hunter Helping Others. This new program gives our staff the ability to support the community in numerous ways. Through the online platform, they can receive a donation match from Hunter’s charitable giving program to benefit any eligible U.S.-based nonprofit organization of their choice. In addition, when employees log their volunteer hours outside of work, they receive a per hour volunteer reward that they can donate to a nonprofit they care about.

Community Development Goals
$2.5 Million

Donate $2.5 million annually through our Charitable Giving Committee by 2030.

How We're Doing

We donated $684,064 to nonprofit organizations in 2022, which included corporate matching of employee donations.

Employee Development Goals

Increase employee satisfaction to 85% by 2030 with training and development opportunities.

How We're Doing

We send out our employee satisfaction survey every other year. In 2022, we received a 74% satisfaction rate — a 1% increase from our 2020 results.

Employee Development

Our people are the asset we value most, so we make a concentrated effort to help them develop new skills so they can grow in their roles. To encourage this, we offered educational opportunities that supported leadership growth and retention of top talent by empowering employees to nurture their careers.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

At Hunter Industries, we recognize that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is essential to our success. We’re committed to creating a culture of respect, openness, and collaboration where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute to our shared mission.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Goal

Continue to build our global DEIB strategy and establish a Council to develop long-term goals and initiatives in this area.

How We're Doing

In Progress.
Initial discussions have occurred, and planning is underway. We look forward to sharing our DEIB strategies in a future report.

Health and Saftey Goals

Reduce recordable incidents year-over-year.

How We're Doing

In 2022, we maintained the same 1.4 recordable incident rate as the previous year.

Employee Health and Saftey

Employee Health and Safety

One way we exemplify our value of Family is by ensuring the safety and security of all our employees worldwide. Employees who feel healthy and protected are critical to running a productive and successful business. Our Environmental Health and Safety Department partners with the Security and Wellness Department to create a robust Risk Team that seeks to assess and mitigate risk on behalf of our most important assets. Our goal is to protect the mind, body, and spirit of our employees so they can effectively deliver products and services to our customers.

Responsible Supply Chain Practices

A strong, steady global supply chain is vital to Hunter’s success. Our supply chain includes our vendor partners around the globe who provide us with source materials, such as raw materials, packaging, and contract manufacturing. In 2022, we modified our annual supplier survey and audit process by adding questions that will help us better understand our suppliers’ approach to sustainability. The survey requested baseline information about both social and environmental issues, and each supplier was scored on key corporate social responsibility (CSR) indicators.

Responsible Supply Chain Goals

Audit our suppliers against a CSR scoring framework by 2025.

How We're Doing

We sent out our new supplier survey in December 2022 and have received a 50% response rate among our top suppliers as of April 2023.