Investing in the
triple bottom line

Driving Purpose from Profit

We believe success comes in many forms. By using the triple bottom line approach of People, Planet, and Profit, we’re able to measure our company’s annual accomplishments in accordance with our core values. Our commitment to Innovation, Customer Satisfaction, and Social Responsibility is evident in every product we make, and this helps drive the profits that allow us to safeguard the planet for future generations and support our people. To live our corporate value of Family, we’ve established multiple programs to recognize our employees for their ongoing contributions and inspiring ideas. We also acknowledge the efforts of customers who follow socially responsible business practices.

Driving Purpose from Profit
At Hunter Industries, we chart our success based on the focus areas of People, Planet, and Profit.
Profit Share Recipient

Profit Share

We believe in rewarding those who help us grow and prosper as a company. Our annual Profit Share Program allows us to allot a percentage of our profits to employees based on the organization’s performance. The Leadership Team sets an annual targeted goal for profit sharing and regularly updates employees on progress made toward the goal. Over the last three years, employees have received an average profit share distribution of 15% of eligible earnings.

Built on Innovation Program

Our core value of Innovation propels us to stay ahead of the competition and inspires us to continually create new products with Social Responsibility in mind. To encourage innovative thinking, we engage employees and customers through our Built on Innovation Program. Despite the challenges of the last few years, participants have contributed a range of creative ideas that provide responsible solutions to customers and promote the success of our organization. At right, we've listed a few of the incredible results that we achieved in 2022.

Built on Innovation
How We're Doing

Ideas submitted by employees: 156
Ideas submitted by customers: 120
Ideas approved for development: 35
New products launched: 12
Patents issued: 9
CEO Innovation Awards given out: 13

Edwin J. Hunter Innovator of the Year Award

2022 Recipients:
James Bell and Ricardo Rodriguez

This award is presented annually by CEO Greg Hunter to employees who best exemplify Hunter's core value of Innovation. James Bell and Ricardo Rodriguez were recognized for developing an innovative nozzle and turret design that improves performance in Hunter commercial rotors. The patented nozzle housing achieves a longer radius range without sacrificing distribution uniformity, allowing Hunter's largest rotors to deliver precise coverage to sports fields, community parks, and golf courses.

Ann Hunter-Welborn Circle of Excellence Award

When Hunter Industries was established in 1981, co-founder Ann Hunter-Welborn initiated steps to develop a long-term sustainability movement. The Ann Hunter-Welborn Circle of Excellence Award — presented annually since 2018 — aims to identify and congratulate customers and partners who exemplify socially responsible practices and inspire others to join the movement.

Meet our 2022 Award Winners

Ann Hunter-Wellborn Circle of Excellence Award
Co-founder Ann Hunter-Welborn began our long-term sustainability movement.