How Our PROCESS Works

  • Hunter Cohort Orientation
    1. Describe Your Idea This section walks you through a series of questions to help us determine the nature of your idea. This part of the process does not permit you to provide any confidential information about your idea, and protects you and Hunter Industries from any future misunderstandings regarding ownership of your idea. You will simply provide a name for your idea and then answer a few questions to help us better understand your idea and determine if it’s something we’d like to pursue.
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    2. Accept Terms The terms and conditions ensure that the idea submission process provides mutual protection to both the submitter (you) and the receiver (Hunter) of the idea. Before you submit an idea, please read and review our legal terms and conditions. After reading, you must agree to these terms. You will be unable to submit your idea without checking the “I agree” checkbox.
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    3. Submit Your Idea After you have finished answering the questions in this section, click on the Submit button. You’ll receive a confirmation email at the email address that you provided.
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    4. Review After your idea has been submitted, it will be routed to a person on our Great Ideas Innovation Team for further review. The review process typically takes between 15 to 30 days. After we’ve reviewed your idea, you’ll be notified by email to let you know if we are interested in moving forward.

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