Internship Stories

“Hunter team members gave me helpful, consistent feedback, which developed my engineering and process improvement skills. I was able to apply the skills I learned during the internship to coursework during my senior year and was later offered a job at Hunter Industries after graduation.”

“The Hunter Industries Internship Program provided me a unique opportunity to learn about the Manufacturing Industry. This summer intern experience has truly been worthwhile and helped me transition to become a full-time employee.”

“My 2018 summer internship at Hunter Industries gave me the opportunity to develop as a professional while being able to make meaningful relationships along the way. My thoughts and contributions were valued every day as an intern and that gave me confidence.”

“What I loved most about the internship was working alongside interns and employees on projects that actually impacted the company, not just busy-work. After being an intern, the transition to employee was almost seamless: same people, same projects, same process.”

“Whether you go on to work at Hunter after your internship or not, this is a great program that gives you real work, real responsibilities, and real opportunities that will help you when you go to launch your career.”

“My Mechanical Engineering Internship with Hunter in the summer of 2003 was very enjoyable. I really enjoyed the practicality of the projects that were assigned and how the work I was doing was contributing to an actual design improvement opportunity. In addition, I was really inspired by the friendliness of everyone that worked at Hunter and the amazing culture that they had. The internship also led to an opportunity for a full-time position at Hunter the following year, and I’ve been with Hunter since. What is amazing, but not surprising, is the qualities that made for a great internship at Hunter 17 years ago, still remain and hold true today. ”

“It provided a solid insight into the tasks, responsibilities, and challenges that an engineer faces in a manufacturing environment. The internship program will build the foundation needed to transition into a full-time career post-graduation.”

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The Internship Experience

  • Hunter Go-Kart
  • Hunter Intern Development
  • Hunter Headshots
  • Intern Field Trips
  • Hunter Company Picnics
  • Hunter Project Presentations

Benefits & Perks

  • Hunter Cohort Orientation
    Cohort Orientation All interns start on the same day!
  • Hunter
    Project Scopes Each intern is assigned a specific project during the program, serving as an extension of the classroom experience, which contributes value to Hunter.
  • Hunter
    Development Interns are provided with professional development opportunities that prepare them to transition into the workforce.
  • Hunter Head Shots
    Head Shots Interns will be provided with professional head shots for use on social media websites.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    Corporate Social Responsibility Interns team up with our CSR team to learn more about our core value of social responsibility and how it impacts our community.
  • Networking Opportunities
    Networking Opportunities Interns have opportunities to build relationships with key stakeholders from across the business.
  • Hunter
    Employee Events Interns are invited to attend any company events that take place during their time with us.
  • Hunter Field Trips
    Field Trip Interns participate in a field trip to check out our product installations in the community.
  • Hunter
    Leadership Team Lunch Interns gather for lunch with the Leadership Team and have the opportunity for casual conversation and some Q&A.
  • Hunter Project Presentations
    Project Presentations Each intern will present an overview of their experience to a large group of leaders at the end of the program.
  • Hunter Hourly Pay
    Hourly Pay Our interns receive a competitive hourly pay.
  • Hunter Holiday Pay
    Holiday Pay Interns receive pay for the holidays that fall within the duration of the program.
  • Hunter Benenfits
    Benefits Interns who work full-time are eligible for medical, dental, and life insurance.
  • Hunter Wellness Center
    Wellness Center Membership Interns at our San Marcos campus receive a free membership to our Wellness Center during the duration of their internship.

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