Materiality Matrix

The Materiality Matrix below is based on the internal and external stakeholder feedback received through our initial CSR survey and updated according to our stakeholder engagement work in 2014 and 2015. We will use the matrix to help prioritize our sustainability initiatives as we develop our sustainability roadmap and update our goals.

We would like to note that the 12 issues on the matrix were selected out of dozens of other issues. Their placement on the chart relative to each other reflects how they were prioritized by stakeholders as a whole, but we are working hard to move the needle on all of these important issues. For a look at our methodology for collecting and assessing materiality data, see our section on stakeholder engagement.



Materiality Assessment Matrix

    Low Medium High Low Medium High Influence on Business Success Importance to Stakeholders
      Energy &
Climate Change
Human Rights
in Supply Chain
Waste Recycled Content
in Products
Community Development Product Safety & Stewardship Employee Training Water Use Minimum Wage Policies Health & Safety Economic