Letter From Greg Hunter

Hunter’s 2015 CSR report marks the fourth year we have reported on our progress toward our economic, social, and environmental goals. This report, prepared according to the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 reporting standards, is intended to disclose both our accomplishments and challenges.

We are pleased with our sustainability achievements in the past year, such as our 18% reduction in water use, helping our home state of California address water scarcity issues due to the ongoing drought. We continue to find opportunities to conserve energy and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, with the result of a 3.5% reduction in our carbon footprint from 2014 to 2015. Last year we increased our use of solar energy on our San Marcos campus by 84%.

At Hunter, we are focused on enhancing the well-being of our employees and our communities. Over the past year, we instituted new training programs for our employees and a system to better track their training hours. We re-invigorated our Hunter Helping Others (H2O) employee volunteer program which mobilizes our staff to work on local community improvement projects, and we provided more than $450,000 in philanthropic dollars to local environmental, educational, and community development projects. 

In 2015, we engaged more intensely with our stakeholders to find out what they value about Hunter and its products. Input from employees, customers, landscape architects, and our supply chain provided us with new opportunities and ideas to consider. We heard loudly and clearly that our stakeholders across the board want us to continue to be a leader in economic performance, energy and water conservation, product quality and innovation, sustainability, and employee well-being.  

As we continue to grow, our stakeholder engagement efforts will help us address remaining or emerging challenges and inform our future strategies and activities.  Some initiatives that respond to stakeholder feedback include:

  • Product take back program to recycle used Hunter rotors and sprinkler heads for reuse in new sprinklers
  • Landscape master plan for Hunter’s San Marcos campus to reduce water use
  • Focus on vendor compliance with our new Supplier Code of Conduct and Social Responsibility policies
  • Sustainability workshops and increased training for employees in Mexico and San Marcos

We are proud of what we have accomplished in 2015 in concert with our employees and communities. We also know we have more work to do to reach our goals, but we are well on our way to attaining them and look forward to continuing our efforts in 2016 and beyond. 

Greg Hunter