Water Use

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Given growing concern about water scarcity and water quality, as well as greater interest in native habitats, Hunter elected to return 1.7 acres to its native habitat.

Our headquarter campus is in the state of California, which is experiencing an unprecedented drought affecting watersheds and storage. On April 1, 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown issued a statewide water reduction mandate. The mandatory cuts followed the spring measurement of the Sierra snowpack which was at a historic low. A majority of the water consumed at our headquarters in San Marcos and operations in Tijuana is imported from elsewhere, either from northern California, or the Colorado River (that system is in a prolonged 16 year drought with historic lows in Lakes Mead and Powell, the main reservoirs in the river system).

To ensure we are using water efficiently and responsibly, Hunter leverages an onsite well and a gray water system.

In 2015, we used 27.2 million gallons of water, an 18% reduction from our baseline year of 2014, surpassing our 2020 goal and helping California meet its overall water reduction target. This reduction is part of our efforts to be a responsible steward of water resources in the arid communities where we are located.

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