Customer Satisfaction

Hunter Technical Support

Hunter is reporting for the first time on Customer Satisfaction as part of its transition to GRI G4 reporting guidelines. We will disclose results from our 2013 survey of customers, which will be considered our baseline year.   In 2013, more than 1,000 of our domestic customers (product distributors) completed a customer satisfaction survey (about a 92% finish rate) and 62 international customers responded.

We asked customers about the most important aspects of customer service, reasonable response times, marketing, training, and about their overall customer experience with Hunter. In the U.S., between 86-99% of customers indicated they were very satisfied or satisfied, depending on which survey group they were in. Ninety-three percent of international customers indicated they were very satisfied or satisfied with Hunter’s customer service. We are proud of these high ratings and will strive to maintain and enhance customer satisfaction as we grow.

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